1.      PETS
No animals or birds shall be kept in or about the premises without prior written consent from the landlord.
The pavements, entrance doors, stairs, landing and passages leading to the residential flat hereby leased shall not be obstructed by the tenant or other residents in the said premises or their visitors or used by them for any other purpose than to egress from the said premises.
The tenant acknowledges received the duly completed Residential Premises Condition Report and note that you must return a copy of the completed Residential Premises Condition Report to the Managing Agent, Henson Properties, within seven days. The tenant acknowledges that upon vacating, the premise is to be left in the same condition as per the commencement of the tenancy except normal wear & tear. In particular the carpet is to be professionally cleaned in the event of additional marks/stains.
The tenant hereby acknowledges that repairs (excluding urgent repairs as set out in section 16 of this agreement) are to be carried out between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Should the tenant require repairs to be carried out outside of these hours, all surcharges are to be paid by the tenant.
5.      FIRE RISK
The Tenant shall not do or be permit anything to be done in the said premises or bring or keep anything there on which will in anyway increase the rate of fire insurance on the said building or on the property kept therein or obstruct or interfere with the rights of other tenants or in any way injure or annoy them or conflict with any of the laws, rules in force affecting the City of Sydney of the Municipal Council thereof or any other lawful authority.
6.      WALLS
The Tenant shall not use adhesive tape or substances of any kind (including blue-tac) on the walls. The tenant must receive written approval by the landlord to erect nails/screws into the wall.
In the event of the premises not providing telephone connection or line to the main frame, it will be at the tenant’s expense to have it connected should it be required.
The Tenant agrees that is all or part of their contact telephone numbers change the Agent/Landlord will be notified immediately.
9.      KEYS
The Tenant agrees that the Agent may hold copies of the keys to the premises and should the Tenant wish to change the combination or lock which will not be done without the consent of the Landlord and will immediately supply the Agent with a copy of the new key.  Likewise, no additional locks are to be installed without written consent of the landlord. The tenant acknowledges that upon vacating the premises, rent is to be charged until such time that all keys, security cards, handsets, remote control units, etc. are returned.
The tenant must notify the agent immediately of any change(s) of shared tenancy in the premises. In such cases, a “Change of Shared Tenancy Agreement “form must be completed and is subject to landlord’s consent.
The Tenant acknowledges that Section 38 of the Residential Tenancy Act only requires for two weeks rent in advance to be paid if the rent is less than $300.00 per week.  However, as a matter of convenience we have elected to pay our rent on a calendar monthly basis.  All cheques should be marked “Not Negotiable” and payable to Henson Properties. Where the bank has not honored a cheque, the Tenant is required to pay the associated bank fees, and an administration fee of $20.00 per dishonored cheque.  The tenant further acknowledges that Henson Properties does not accept cash at our office unless prior arrangement has been made with the manager.
The tenant acknowledges that the rental card must be returned to our office at the end of tenancy otherwise a $15.00 replacement fee will be charged.
The tenant acknowledges that where the premises provided facilities (such as gym, pool, sauna, spa etc.) on common grounds these facilities are only available for use at the discretion of the owner’s corporation and subject to them being in working order. The landlord or Henson Properties bear no responsibility for any such facility, which is inoperable or unavailable for use. Compensation cannot be sought against the landlord or Henson Properties in such circumstances.
The tenant is aware and acknowledges should there be a breach of the Residential Tenancy Agreement during the tenancy, and any monies owing to the landlord/agent at the end of the tenancy, then personal information could be listed on the tenant database, TICA & TRA.
The tenant agrees that should the residential lease be broken before the expiration date then the tenant, will agree to pay all expenses in relation to the reletting of the premises.
It is hereby agreed between the Landlord and the Tenant that all correspondence by conducted in writing.  Including notice of intention to vacate the property.
17.      WATER USAGE
Further to Clause 5.4 the Tenant agrees to pay all water usage accounts within fourteen days of receipt.