Enlisting the help of a trusted real estate agency can help you navigate the often complicated world of residential real estate. Henson Properties is the oldest agency in Chinatown established to provide you with advice and assistance relevant to your local real estate market.

What should you be looking for when buying and renting?

What happens when the lease expires?

“When a tenancy agreement end date expires, and neither landlord or tenant has served written notice on each other to end the tenancy, then the tenancy automatically rolls over,”. The lease rolls into a periodic tenancy, complete with the same terms that were on the fixed term agreement

What happens if the owners of the property I am renting decide to sell?

As an owner, your landlord is within their rights to sell the property even if it falls during your fixed lease agreement. However, before they show the premises, they must provide you, the tenant, with written notice of their intention to sell.

Who do I contact for any repairs that might be needed?

Plumber – Jim at 0410 343 393

Electrician – Peter 0406 302 068

Locksmith – Paul at 0414 212 469

Where to go if you have any concerns or further enquiries about our agency?

You can refer to the NSW Service for any further enquiries