Property Sales

Henson has been selling real estate in Sydney since 1984, helping over 10,000 families buy and sell real estate. Henson is specialised in finding Asian owner occupiers and investors.

Investment Advice

Founded by Sydney's property tycoon and investment strategist Ray Chan, Henson has a reputation in the market place known for delivering industry's top investment advisory.

Property Rental

Henson's property management team ensures every detail is attended to when it comes to looking after landlords' properties and tenant management.


Understanding Your Needs

We understand when it comes to selling or buying a property, you are making perhaps one of the biggest decisions of your life time. That is why we care every care of your decision and make sure we hold you by the hand to guide you step by step to the desired outcome.

Communication is the Key

At Henson, our multi-lingual team speaks 8 different languages and uses 5 different types of tools to make sure constant communication is maintained between buyers & sellers, tenants & landlords, and within our own team.